How ELD can save lives


04 May, 2021

How ELD can save lives

With the ELD mandate enforced, many people have supported the decision while some stand against it. Regardless of where one stands, we cannot overlook the major advantages that ELD devices have to offer when it comes to the lives of the drivers and making the supply chain sustainable. Unlike what many thinks and contrary to many beliefs, ELD can be proved to be significantly helpful in many ways, be it cutting down on paperwork, fleet management, speeding up the inspection process, or making drivers’ lives a lot less complicated. Now that the use of ELD devices has become compulsory, let us dig a little deeper into knowing what ELD actually is, what does it do and how it can save lives.

What is an ELD?

ELD, also known as an Electronic Logging Device, is used by commercial drivers to automatically record the hours of service and help them collect data related to the vehicle’s engine, movement and miles driven. The ELD device attached to the trucks usually informs the truck drivers and fleet managers whereabouts of the automobile and status of the drivers, all in real-time, to support the fleet management and safety of both the drivers as well as the vehicle.
ELDs are technology-driven devices which have multiple parts including a tracking device which is attached to the vehicle, fleet management software and a mobile app where all the data and records can be managed.

What does an ELD do?

An ELD attached to the commercial vehicle incorporates with the vehicle’s engine and collects data on Hours of Service (HOS). With the help of the attachment to the vehicle, the ELD device helps in recording the driving activity and other details like engine hours, ignition status, location and miles driven.
This data, including the engine data and GPS location is, then, sent to the server where all the Duty Logs are created and then can be viewed on the mobile app. The information is continuously updated as the truck make its way.

How can ELD save lives?

Now that we have known what are ELD devices and what does it do, the major question still comes on top – How can ELD save lives? Many ELDs have inbuilt gyroscope and accelerometer that can detect harsh movements of the vehicle – like harsh braking, speed and harsh driving, sudden turning and collisions. With the data being continuously recorded, many fleet managers get the alert of any of the aforementioned events taking place which can later be used during the training process to coach drivers on safe driving. Thanks to its nature of collecting and recording the data, it can also be shared with the law enforcement authority to prove the innocence of the truck drivers from false claims. Lastly, the ELD devices can help the drivers be notified about the status of their hours of service so that the driver fatigue can be decreased.

Other benefits of ELD devices

Other than safeguarding the lives of the drivers on the road and letting the companies record all the data online, there are many other pros of this technical device. Let’s take a look at how this mandate will benefit the whole supply chain industry –

1. No paperwork required

The technical ELD device can record and collect everything required by the company within its system in a digital format. This means no more wastage of paper, flipping of pages and losing the most important documents around the cabins. Everything the driver and the company need will be stored in the device memory which can be operated anytime anywhere, thus making the supply chain sustainable.

2. Less Fuel Wastage

Since the ELD devices track every movement of the truck, it can be easily detected if a truck has been idle for too long. This way, if the drivers spend their time being idle for too long, the device will let the company know. As a result, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on fuel every month and reduce fuel wastage.

3. Improved Route Management


With the help of the GPS attached to the device, ELD allows the fleet managers to spot the location of the trucks easily on the map. Since, the managers now have the real-time locational status of the drivers, they no longer have to call every individual driver and can plan out the route beforehand. Better route does not only make the delivery process streamlined but also saves a lot of drivers’ time.

4. Fast Inspection Process


Before the introduction of the ELD devices in the market, the commercial drivers had to submit their manual logbook for the inspection of their hours of service. And if, in case, the logbook appeared to be untrue, that used to cause a great deal of stress on the drivers as well as on the company, which further used to result in the wastage of time. With the help of ELD devices and its feature of recording every hour spent on the road, the driver can now hand over their ELD devices for the inspection without any wastage of time. The records will be there on the screen for you to present.

To conclude, we all know the ELD mandate is here for good – to revolutionize the lives of the commercial drivers and the supply chain industry. Although the process of installing the devices and training the personnel can, right now, be tedious but it can become much more powerful and serve many different purposes in the industry in the future. ELDs can, in future, definitely help the industry to streamline their operations, increase productivity, explore new business opportunities, maximize profits, and much more.

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