How to fight boredom during long-haul journeys?


15 Jun, 2021

How to fight boredom during long-haul journeys?

As much as a career as a truck driver provides you good pay, job security, and the ability to travel, one cannot deny the fact that it surely comes with some setbacks, like boredom, loneliness and traffic jams. In this situation, the drivers become rather too lethargic and tired too soon to continue with their journeys. The lack of stimulations, seldom, causes the feeling of drowsiness which later leads to several truck accidents. Once this occurs, it becomes highly essential for truckers to keep themselves safe, healthy and entertained all the while during a long-haul journey. Although, we are sure that when you were signing up for such career you had some ways of your own in your minds, but below are some of the activities that are not only entertaining but also will help you pass the time in a productive manner.

Listen to an Audiobook/Podcasts

With the technology soaring higher and higher every day and making the lives of the masses easier, there are many options of audiobooks and podcasts on the internet. One can stimulate their imagination whilst living in midst of the reality. Just choose any of your favourite topics which you would like to listen or learn what you have always wanted to. Audiobooks and/or podcasts are widely available on all online stores, both free and paid, in all shapes and sizes. Listening to them would not even let you realise where the time has gone and at the end of the day, you will always leave with a better acquired knowledge.

Explore more music

It is given that the first and the foremost thing a person would do on a long journey is listen to music. But what if we tell you that there are 6,500 languages in the world and every one of them has a folklore and/or songs of their own? The world is pumped up with new music every day. Explore new songs, new lyrics and new music to widen your musical horizon. Just a little bit of karaoke down the road wouldn’t hurt either.

Master a new language

While many people who are curious to learn new languages, you are at an advantage with all of this free time in your hands. Just grab a book or listen to an audiobook/podcast and master a new language. You might even surprise yourself at how fast you pick it all up. Knowing a different language has always been an amazing thing. If you fail at it, no problem, no one’s got to know. But if you succeed, you have a reason to expand your knowledge and learn a new one!

Portable hobbies

Many of the drivers are switching to take up new hobbies of stitching, knitting and crocheting on their journeys. Did you know that knitting has actually proven to be a great stress-buster? Some are even writing a novel with the help of a voice-to-text software, while others are practicing photography, doodling/sketching. Find what you love to do or where you share your interests and start spending your free time on it.

Start your own video channel

With the opportunity to cover long distances as your daily routine, be a storyteller. Video yourself, the surroundings and your day-to-day life. Let the people know what it is to be a truck driver and what opportunities they get while on the road. Upload them on a social platform or keep it for yourself or your loved ones. So, the next time, when you will see a beautiful sunset on the horizon or an unusual flower brightening up your day, you will be able to share those moments with them.

The career of a truck driver can be monotonous at times but not when you have figured out ways to keep yourself entertained. While the traffic jams cannot be dealt with, you can always look up for the ways to keep your boredom away. Also, we at LSI, provide vehicles that are fully equipped with high-tech environment, individual tablets for endless streaming and entertainment while they are on their break. So, the drivers have ample of choices to make their boredom go away. We make sure that the Jack is not a dull boy anymore and is getting all the work and the play. Next time you find it hard to come up with the ways to keep the boredom at bay, do follow these activities and keep things fun.

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