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LSI Logistix
LSI Logistix
Streamlining Your Automotive Supply Chain.

Our extensive experience in automotive logistics enables us to provide automotive supply chain solutions that guarantee output efficiency, just-in-time parts delivery, and secure transportation. We aim to make your automotive supply chain transparent, so that you always have complete control over your operations.

Our automotive supply chain experts make every effort to offer best-in-class inbound logistics, production logistics, aftermarket logistics, and spare part distribution solutions to get everything to the right place at the right time.

LSI Logistix
Food And Beverage Industry
Preserving The Quality For Everyday Nourishment.

We are a one-stop supply chain solutions provider to food and beverage industry helping our customers overcome their challenges related to shipping sensitive-to-pressure and temperature-controlled products. With food and beverage experts onboard, we ensure all your logistics and supply chain operations are completely optimized from farm to fork.

Whether you are a small food supplier or large food manufacturer, we have the capabilities and latest equipment such as variable temperature refrigeration units, pallet covers, insulations kits, thermal blankets, dry and air bags to ensure your supply chain is efficient and your business grows.

LSI Logistix
Retail Industry
Helping You Redesign The Omnichannel Customer Experiences.

We streamline your inventories, manage global sourcing and reduce transportation costs, while helping you remain competitive, flexible and responsive, to provide better customer service to your end users. Our end-to-end retail supply chain solutions aim to deliver visibility and control to overcome all the challenges of the retail industry.

LSI Logistix
Keeping You Up To Speed With The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We combine our supply chain optimization experience and technology to design world-class, highly customized, and safe logistics solutions for the electronics industry. With our supply chain solutions, we streamline the safe flow of your products by synchronizing their movement with the needs of your production floor. Our supply chain solutions range from multi-tier fulfillment to after-sales services.

Our logistics experts help you respond quickly to the shifts in consumer demands, reduced time to market, and deliver the right product at the right time. They offer integration of data, real time analysis, and on-time delivery to keep you ahead in an environment with a shorter product life cycle.

LSI Logistix
Pharma And Healthcare
Re-Engineering Your Pharma And Healthcare Supply Chain.

We understand that delivery delays in healthcare can cause complications and serious consequences. Therefore, we aim to provide smooth and safe logistics solutions to the pharma and healthcare industry by establishing an effective link between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

LSI Logistix
Minimizing The Risks Of Transporting Dangerous Goods.

We understand that the chemical industry is affected by the market and regulatory forces. Therefore, we have partnerships with highly reliable carriers as well as warehouse suppliers to help ensure there are no regulatory or security risks in moving your high value or hazardous shipments.

We have extensive experience and expertise in managing the supply chain for leading chemical and paint manufacturers, and chemical suppliers across North America. Our team follows the highest safety standards for the transportation of hazardous material. Therefore, we confidently deliver peace of mind to our chemical customers every day.

LSI Logistix
Reducing Cost And Shortening Delivery Times Through Customization.

Being a technology-driven company, we manage the key aspects of your e-commerce supply chain using customized and scalable logistics solutions. Our aim is to simply offer seamless delivery of products and maximize customer satisfaction at all levels. We have a dedicated team of experts and multiple modes of transportation to manage all your e-commerce shipping and fulfillment needs and offer a service that’s right for you. Ranging from picking and packing through tracking and delivery to handling all aspects of your returns, we add value at every step to streamline your e-commerce supply chain.

LSI Logistix
Achieving Efficiencies Through Continuous Improvement.

Manufacturing companies are facing challenges to control their production costs due to rising labor costs and uncertain fuel and freight prices. With the help of our expansive network of distribution facilities, remote domiciles, and cross-docks, we assist North America’s leading manufacturing companies to control costs, streamline material flow, elevate safety and quality, and improve overall supply chain strategy.

We offer solutions such as packing/repacking, labelling, assembly/disassembly, transportation management to sectors including building and construction, heavy machinery, and food processing. Our logistics experts utilize transportation management tracking, warehouse management systems, pick-up confirmations, and point-of-pickup verifications to offer you improved inventory control and greater visibility of your supply chain activities.

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