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Full Truck Load

We offer our customers fast, reliable, and flexible full truckload (FTL) transportation services throughout North America. Our goal is to implement optimization programs and utilize modernized fleet equipped with modern technology to meet a wide range of full truckload delivery requirements, provide accurate shipment tracking, protect your freight, and keep your cost under control.

We have a team of experts that offer timely and valuable solutions for various industries with specific FTL transportation needs. Moreover, our fleet operators are highly skilled and trained to represent your company with the utmost professionalism.


Incorporating efficient intermodal service offers you more options for moving freight and strengthening your overall logistics strategy. Throughout the years, we have attained the expertise of utilizing multiple methods of transportation to ensure that your shipment arrives timely and safely at the intended destination.

LSI Logistix intermodal solutions offer truck-like service to give you peace of mind and complete control. We have strong relationships and extensive industry experience to provide turnkey solutions that incorporate marine and rail transportation. Our team of experts are well-informed to offer recommendations on how a multimodal approach can improve your operations.


Moving time-sensitive shipments can sometimes be demanding. LSI Logistix’s expedited service has got you covered when your freight is on a tight schedule. We have been moving time-sensitive shipments for several shippers for more than 20 years.

On average, a driver completes 500 miles per day in a typical truckload. Our well-structured lanes and business model almost double this average with a 98% on-time delivery track record. This is what makes LSI Logistix expedited service different.

Our expedited service offers additional support staff to immediately begin the journey and maintain regular communication via email or phone so you never have to worry about the status of your shipment. In addition, our online tracking feature gives you real-time visibility and estimated time of arrival of your shipment.

Temperature – Controlled

Turn your temperature-sensitive transportation challenges into a competitive advantage by using LSI Logistix’s temperature- controlled freight solutions. We are fully capable of transporting almost any type of temperature sensitive shipment across North America. From the moment your shipment leaves the facility to the moment it is unloaded, our team constantly monitors the temperature and can make remote adjustments, if needed.

Our temperature-controlled services include:

    • Refrigerated
    • Multi-temp (ambient, frozen, and protect from freeze)

Our experts can help you overcome the transportation challenges associated with temperature sensitive freight and maintaining its quality.


LSI Logistix is specialized in moving sensitive and dangerous material both in Canada and USA. We are experts in the truckload transportation of chemicals, gases, flammable solids etc. Along with our professional security-cleared driver teams, we also lead the way in offering superior transportation protective services.

Our drivers’ safety records are second to none and they are trained in emergency response. Each driver goes through an extensive on-site hazmat training program. Additionally, LSI is CTPAT certified. Drivers receive training in CTPAT 17-point truck and trailer inspection, inspection documentation, and the proper handling of hazmat material.


LSI Logistix full-service logistics solutions include dedicated transportation services for brands that require absolute reliability at a competitive price. Our team of professionals assumes responsibility for every aspect of a freight program. Most of the time, we are located on-site hand-in-hand with your team.

We offer power and power plus trailer options throughout the Eastern North America. Our network of terminals and smart yards helps us to meet our customers’ demands.

We can handle deliveries for all phases of your inbound and outbound supply chains. Our latest trucks are equipped with accident avoidance technology and automatic transmissions that make our incident rate less than the national average.

Let’s face it, reliable freight capacity at the right price is difficult to find. LSI Logistix’s dedicated fleet services can solve this problem through our asset-based and structured business model.

Short-Term Warehousing

LSI Logistix offers short-term warehousing solutions to various customers operating in different industries throughout North America. Our short-term warehousing solutions are perfect for products requiring special storage, retailers with seasonal demand, and as well as for small companies that require a small storage space for a limited time.

LSI Logistix’s short-term warehousing solutions reduce your operating cost significantly and offer flexible reporting, accurate tracking of inventory, and online customer order entry.

Long-Term Warehousing

Our state-of-the-art warehouses and distribution centers provide you with flexible and cost-effective long-term warehousing solutions. Using the latest technology, we accurately catalog and distribute goods based on your unique requirements.

Our warehouses are located strategically across North America near port cities, airports, and major distribution corridors. Our world-class features include 24/7 security with remote access monitored cameras, modern safety and fire protection systems, dedicated on-site staff and connectivity to warehouse management and freight operating systems for end-to-end visibility.

Our dedicated team of warehouse staff prides themselves on delivering a seamless service, assistance, knowledge, and experience to meet our clients’ expectations. We have implemented a sophisticated warehouse management system that keeps a track of your goods at every stage and constantly make updates in the system to offer you real-time visibility on inventory and save time.

Cross Docking

LSI Logistix’s cross docking service improves your supply chain by safely unloading your products from incoming containers or trucks and then immediately preparing these products for outbound shipping and order fulfillment using specific labeling and packaging. Our cross-dock systems aim to minimize or even eliminate the storage aspect of the distribution and logistics process by keeping you freight in the staging area of our facilities.

Temperature – Controlled

The sensitivity and complexity involved in moving perishable goods, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, floral, or anything requiring sophisticated temperature protection offer you an opportunity to differentiate yourself. Allow our temp-controlled facility and experienced staff assist you in safeguarding your cold chain by ensuring that all parties understand pre-trip requirements, cold chain management, and in-transit communication. We ensure that our facilities stay clean and free of dust and pests and we continuously monitor the temperature and humidity levels to keep your goods in optimal shape. We strive to keep the cold chain intact to maintain the freshness and quality of your perishables so that they last longer on the shelf.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management solutions provide you with maximum control and empowering you to stay connected to your daily operations without worry. We have systems and technology in place to forecast inventory requirements which help our customers predict inventory levels, ensuring instant delivery when demand spikes.

Reverse Logistics

Returns are by far the largest challenge for e-commerce companies. Inefficient reverse logistics can significantly impact the costs of operating an e-commerce business and can even result in losses. Our reverse logistics service aim to make the return experience easy and swift to help e-commerce businesses retain their customers and increase customer purchases. We take care of our customer’s needs from order to delivery even while the product is in transit so they are able to request changes.

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